Virtual Reality Headset

What is the best Virtual Reality Headset?

You might be researching for and looking for information on what is the best Virtual Reality Headset? My research has come up with three brands which are always consistently coming up, namely:

Oculus Rift

Playstation VR

HTC Vive


oculus riftPurchased by Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion, Oculus Rift is one of the leaders of virtual reality technology. Primarily set up for gaming it has recently branched out to support movie functionality and will expand to other various applications in the future.

You will need connection to a pc to have power to drive the two lenses which has a resolution image of 1080×1200 each inside the headset. In order to enjoy the full capability of of this you will require a powerful gaming pc.

Because the Oculus was created by microsoft so they made it compatible to the Xbox One controller but it also comes with the Oculus touch controller.

The Oculus Rift offers a lot of VR games that you will truly enjoy some of it are still in the making.

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playstation vrBeing a gaming company Playstation came up with their version of Virtual Realilty. The Playstation VR is compatible to most Playstation units out there and this is the advantage of the company. You don’t need a high powered PC to get your fix of VR.

The set up is much more simple but you also need to buy the accessories that goes with it in order to appreciate VR. Although the resolution could use a little improvement it is still a great VR equipment if you want to experience VR on a lower budget.

The games available for this platform is not at this time but Sony is working on it. Expect some improvements in the future for this VR.

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htc viveConsidered to be better than the Oculus Rift, the Playstation VR and all VR’s for that matter based on consumer feedbacks and tech reviews, the VIVE has a lot to offer to virtual reality enthusiasts. You also need a high end PC to set this up.

In terms of immersion it has one of the best experience to offer because it can provide a bigger room to walk around with. The base stations, which maps out the room, can accumulate a tracking area of around 4.5m square which is enough room for walking depending on the game activity.

More game developers are creating more games for this platform than any other VR’s out there. So expect to have more choices and improvements for this brand.

The only downside really is it is expensive as of the moment. Maybe they can lower this down a bit in the coming months but it is definitely worth the price considering the fun you are  going to have.

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