What is the Best Virtual Reality Game?

There is no doubt that virtual reality offers a different gaming experience to the user than the usual gaming platform because it stimulates and involves more of your senses, and often times your emotions are fully engaged, which makes the experience even more intense.

What is the best virtual reality game?

Or what are the best virtual reality games today? It really depends from person to person. For me I love first-person-shooter games on PC or in the playstation platform like the classic call of duty types and medal of honor because I love World War 2 movies and books and anything related to that time in history. I also enjoy Hitman because of the strategy involved, it lets you think( I would love for this to be on VR) and games where you are a sniper of some sort, you get the picture.

In the near future Virtual Reality games will be so realistic you will be running and jumping and crouching and , of course, sweating a lot. A whole new world of gaming will open up and will revolutionize multiplayer games in ways you can’t imagine. Finally, groups can participate together much like role playing games.

virtual realityAs of today I will provide you my top 10 best VR games that is on the market right now. Here are my favorites so far:

  1. Sparc. This game uses the Oculus Rift and HTc Vive VR equipments. The game is a fusion of tennis and dodge ball. What is great about this is you can exercise and have fun because it will involve a lot of moving. So there’s a great motivation to exercise.


2. Minecraft VR. One of the most popular games recently, Minecraft can now be played a in Virtual Reality platform. This game will excite current players on the pc and other platforms.


3. Resident Evil 7. Now this one is a classic. This installment of the Resident Evil franchise was designed for Virtual Reality playing. You can play this via PC, playstation 4, or Xbox One platforms. The best thing about this is it’s one of those games where you have to be resourceful and creative to survive and get around. Initiative is the key.


4. Hover Junkers. Four players can play this game at the same time. The concept of the game is like that of Mad Max or the Wild West, except that you will have floating junks pieced together instead of cars for transportation. You have to move and duck to get ahead, expect a lot of movement. Great for families or a group of friends.


5. Raw Data. I love first person shooter games and this is one of those. You can shoot and use a lightsaber Katana in close range to enemies. The graphic is good, not perfectly made but still a lot of fun. As of writing only available on HTC vibe but the Oculus platform is coming.


6. Elite: Dangerous. I have always loved sci-fi movies and dog fighting as far as I can remember and this game offers both. From the famous Elite franchise, they have come up with a game that is true to Virtual gaming. The graphics are great so it is as close to realism as it can get.


7. Robinson: The Journey. From the makers of one of my favorite first person shooter games Crysis and Far Cry. Crytek joined the Virtual Reality market and created this wonderful game. If you love Jurassic Park imagine encountering a T-Rex and other dinosaurs up close virtually and alone in a jungle in another planet trying to survive. This one is sure to be a hit.


8. The London Heist. Reminiscent of the Grand Theft Auto series but on steroids this game has all the gears and does not disappoint the player,however it only comes with the Playstation VR.


9. Killing floor: Incursion. If you want to kill zombies and be scared silly this game has it. The effect of the setting being dimly lit amplifies the feeling of horror in every corner. Definitely worth it.


10. Farpoint. Another first person shooter this one starts out in outer space and then ends in another planet shooting aliens and surviving the terrain. An old pattern for a game but still very effective and very exciting because you will have to use the newly released PS VR aim controller which is a new addition to the PS equipment must haves.

That is all for now. I might add some more games later, I’m sure there will be better and better games coming this year. So keep in touch.


  1. Very interesting site. I didn’t realize there was so many video games available.. I will have to study this topic more. I know my son and grandsons play them a lot. Thanks for sharing, Deanna

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