Virtual Reality Real Estate Tour


real estate vr tourHouse searching and house hunting has always been an important event for people, especially for couples who are just starting out to make a family. More importantly families who are moving to another place or city or business owners looking for a new rental property.

Time has always been a factor in searching for real estate goldmines. People always want the best deal and would try to see many properties before they settle on the best which suits their lifestyle or their need. But due to busy schedules people will settle for whatever is mediocre or “good enough” due to lack of time and the hassle of going to actual sites and seeing the property personally.

Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours made it very convenient for people looking for that perfect home or office without sacrificing the feel of actually being there physically. One could accomplish more and see more properties in a few hours that is why customers love it.

Why Physically Being There is Important

vr real estateLike most travel advertisement brochures, travel magazines and the internet about a place, they can all look pretty and amazing but if you go to the actual place it is far from the actual ad pictures. The picture in fast foods or restaurants about their product may also be different from what they serve.

In real estate this can leave the would be buyer disillusioned and would make them feel they are going to be ripped off because of the difference of the real thing and the pictures. Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours has changed all that.

You can walk in to a house you like and walk in every room and corner of the house like you are inside it and experience physically the details of the surroundings all at the comfort of your house or at your real estate agents office.

Previewing Properties


real estate vrAlso, this will provide ideas to the architects and engineers for some revision or modification of the design through the comments and feedbacks of those who experience it Virtually. By customers pointing out what they like and dislike about the place, the builders will get some insight on possible improvements.

It is more convenient for customers to even put their own appliance or furniture in that virtual space and know beforehand if it is a good fit to that particular area or location. Customization will be very easy and interactive and can be done in real time.

Capturing Virtual Reality Real Estate

matterportMATTERPORT – Is a company that produces a 3D camera that can capture a 360 degree view of any area and convert that into Virtual reality and Augmented Reality with an application for real estate companies and other users who will benefit from the technology. The great thing about this company is that their cameras are easy to use and takes only a few minutes to scan and map area and get a 3D view and convert it to VR or Augmented Reality.

The user-friendliness of the camera will enable amateurs or homeowners to create their own 3D version of their home and send it to prospective buyers through the internet in video form or by providing a link. Although their main market is real estate companies who wants to show houses or apartments to busy customers. Slowly it is becoming mainstream and giving homeowners independence to dispose of the properties themselves.

Some Matterport applications are available now for Android and iOs devices. Matterport Scenes for Android and Matterport VR for iOs phones. Although not as interactive and extensive in scope as the Matterport camera these applications deliver and can be useful whenever someone chances upon a place or an area that needs to be mapped out.

floored vr real estateFLOORED – An expert in Commercial Office Space Rentals, this companies is pioneering Virtual Reality Real Estate with their innovative way to serve clients. This is made possible by their 3D software which can provide prospective clients a more enhanced experience way beyond what they can expect.

Commercial space sellers can give prospective clients an interactive Virtual Rendition of the place with furnishings and all fixtures in place or the customer can request whatever he wants to put in and view what it would look like inside the particular space. Their software can also do that with the whole building just to give the buyer a preview of what it would look like with certain amenities and appliance.

Mind you the measurement of the space and the placement of things in Virtual Space are accurate and true to the real measurement of the property. This accuracy is precisely done by their software.

Floored’s software has made it convenient to buyers of commercial space in terms of the design of the office and the projection of possible issues that will arise before it is actually built of furnished.

Capturing 360 Degrees 

Recommended Devices for capturing 360 degree angle images:

Samsung Gear 360 –  The most affordable camera for capturing 360 degree angles in 4K. Light weight and compact.

Tamaggo 360LiveCam – The price is worth it considering the functions included with it. The most convenient way to share photos without hassle.

The Future of Real Estate

vr real estateMore and more real estate companies are adopting Virtual Reality into their business. Because visiting the actual place can be time-consuming and exhausting and, not to mention, limited. VR will be the standard in a few years time.

As usual the VR gadgets that are used in virtual reality real estate tour are the more common brands like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR. Special mention to Google Daydream VR which is an exclusive partner of a big real estate firm that supplies its VR headsets.


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