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One of the most exhilirating experiences is flying – really fast, that is. It can be experienced by riding a fast airplane or a… drone. Virtual Reality headset for drones can give you that experience while just sitting, standing or lounging on a chair.

dji drone with aveganth glyphWhile buying an airplane or riding an airplane is always not posssible. At least feeling like you are flying and piloting an aircraft can be done while wearing goggles.You can twist and turn and manuever those unbelievable G-force action in the safety of your seat without the fear of dying in case you crash.

I have always loved toys even if I am way past the childhood age, maybe I will never get over it. Over the past few years drones have become more and more popular and more and more powerful not to mention intelligent. Improvements were exponential in terms of battery life, speed and altitude.

Also, the purpose has transcended from mere toy, photography and video device to a myriad of industrial application and much more.  The first time I saw it was while visiting Hongkong and I admired the agility it has when hovering over  the air, the ease which it does with changing directions. I would not wonder if a drone inspired military fighter plane will be built in the future with jet propulsion, imagine the dogfight capability.

A Birds Eye View

drone over cityThe view is always a great from the  top, as the saying goes, literally and figuratively, or from any high place for that matter. A Drone Virtual Reality headset will give you that awesome vantage point overview of any landscape or area.

I scoured the world wide web into the world of drone racing and from the usual hobbysists to find out what FPV drone goggles they are using and I came up with drone goggles from famous drone manufcaturers themselves and from the Virtual Reality companies and some unheard of but otherwise are surprisingly awsome at delivering that adrenaline rush or getting that awesome view from above.

My Best Picks

Here is my list:

fat shark1 FAT SHARK DOMINATOR HD3 – This drone goggle is ubiquitous when it comes to drone racing enthusiasts. It has been so far the best seller in its class. The Fatshark goggles has a lot of products to its credit but the latest one the Fatshark Dominator HD3 has more to offer than the previous ones. What the previous models lack it compensates that is why it is a bit more expensive but is definitely worth the price considering the specs.

Where to get it: Amazon / GearBest


HEADPLAY SE VERSION 22 HEADPLAY SE VERSION 2 – This headset is popular becsuse it boasts a 7 inches screen which I personally like. I would rather have a wider vision evry time because the immersion is much more intense and because it will make me feel like I am a pilot on a cockpit of a fighter plane. The great thing is it costs half the price of the fat shark dominator hd3 which is why this is highly favored by drone racing enthiusiasts.

where to get it: GearBest




dji drone goggles3 DJI GOGGLES – Designed for the Dji drones these goggles has a 1920×1080 resolution for each eye. This has the best resolution so far as goggles for drones are concerned quite a feat since dji drone goggles just came out recently, however, it only supports Dji drones nothing else. Great for aerial photography or just plain photo taking with family and friends. I suggest you buy the drone first you can’t go wrong with their products this company is proven to have quality products.

Where to get it: Amazon / GearBest


Aomway Commander FPV Goggles4 AOMWAY COMMANDER– Looking like a clone of the fatshark, this drone fpv goggles i giving the fatshark a run for the money. The advantage of it is being way lighter than the fatshark but with the same functionality and shape. Lighter means less stress on your head and neck muscles which translates to longer wearing time.People who experience wearing them and reviewers of the device are unanimous that it is the most comfortable. The screen also has a 16×9 aspect ratio which is like your 4K Ultra HDTV screen at home. These are its best features the wider screen and the weight and of course it is cheaper than the Fatshark.

Where to get it: Amazon / GearBest


SKYZONESKY02S V+5 SKYZONESKY02S V+ – This is the most versatile drone camera goggles a little under the $500 price range. This Skyzone FPV Goggles has 3D capabilities. How does it achieve this? Two dual cameras that independently displays pictures on the screen creating that 3D experience. Two different receivers that constantly adjust signal connection to your drone so losing signal is minimized specially during crucial situations. Like I said this has a lot more gears than all the drones on this list and the price is reasonable so check this out and decide carefully.

Where to buy: Amazon / GearBest


EPSON MOVERIO BT-300 DRONE EDITION6 EPSON MOVERIO BT-300 DRONE EDITION –  OMG! I really think this is the future of drone goggles. No, not goggles but glasses. Yes, just like your common sunnies or prescription glasses. Built by Electronic giant Epson this Augmented Reality glasses for drone is probably the most less hassle free goggles for drones because it is only 2.5 ounces. Imagine that! Just as heavy as an oversized sunglasses. Included are some Augmented Reality applications that is just as useful and entertaining even without the drone. This one should really pave the way for smaller and lighter FPV droned goggles in the years to come

Where to buy: Amazon


 AVEGANTH GLYPH7 AVEGANTH GLYPH – It looks like a set of headphones but just flip the bridge that connect the phones over your eyes and you have two lenses there made to provide entertainment. With its Virtual Retinal Display technology and DLP mirror technology the pictures are crisper and fuller, no screen door effect like most mobile virtual reality headsets. Considered as a personal theater because that is what is made for to view movies and youtube, and video gaming capabilities. The drone capability is only one of its functions.  So if you want an fpv drone goggles and an entertainment package rolled into one this is the one you should have. It is really an all around device that you still can use after you fly your drone.

Where to buy: Amazon


The Honorable Mentions


vuzix iwearVuzix Iwear – It has the functionality of the Aveganth Glyph but with  a lot of overlooked design flaws.

Where to buy: Amazon





Eachine Goggles TwoEachine Goggles Two – Front Heaviness is an issue. But eventually you will get used to it.

Where to buy: Amazon






JJPro VisionJJPro Vision – Very affordable. Great for those on a tight budget and for those new to Drone racing or hobbyists.

Where to buy : Amazon






…And that is my list of my choices of Virtual Reality Headset for Drones that are also the favorites of the majority of users and reviewers in the drone racing community.



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