The Best Mobile VR Headset in the Market Today

If you want to have Virtual Reality entertainment anytime, anywhere, unthethered(i.e. without wires attached to a PC) then all you need is a smartphone.

I have been researching for the best mobile VR headset that is on the market today and I came up with not just one but quite a few of them, actually. It is really hard to choose a virtual reality device for mobile phones because each one has its own appeal and I love android phones and iphones which is the common platforms used for mobile virtual reality.

As much as I want to chose one as the best mobile VR headset it would be a disservice and a shame not to divulge all of the great ones available on the market. Like I said, they have their own special appeal and are unique in and of themselves. So here they are according to my personal choice and popular opinion:

google cardboardGoogle Cardboard. This one offers affordable and quality delivery of Virtual Reality entertainment because it is the cheapest on the market as of this writing. You can actually make one for yourself there is plenty of do it yourself google cardboard instructionals online. Then you have to download IOS application for iphone users and for Android. The good thing is you can use both smartphone platforms.


google daydream viewGoogle Daydream View. Another one from Google this one is considered to be the finest as of this writing. Favored for its light weight and for having a hand held controller that goes with it, which gives you the feeling of a tethered VR without the wires, this one is considered royalty as far as mobile VR’s go. The price is reasonable for a great quality product. Currently supports the Moto Z series and of course Google Pixel and XL phones although they are working for more phones to be compatible.


samsung gear vrSamsung Gear VR. If you ever have a Samsung Galaxy phone you would have noticed the exceptional resolution of each unit. So imagine that in Virtual Reality – Almost like the real thing. With more games available than the Daydream and with a wider vision this one is a sure hit for gamers. Also, it is compatible with the Sony Dual Shock 4 Controller. Of course this is compatible with the Samsung Notes series, too. Oh, and it is a collaboration of Samsung and Oculus Rift that’s why it is awesome. Expect more games in the future.


Carl Zeiss VR One Plus. From the makers of the best lenses in the world comes this virtual reality device that is compatible to any phone( as advertised), as long as it is 4.7 to 5.5 inches, the Carl Zeiss VR One Plus will accommodate any smartphone. Created to be a Universal VR Device this one may be a hit for many VR fans who are undecided and wants to use a VR for a longer time with any model of smartphone.


Merge VR Goggles. This one I just have to add because it is very comfortable and light. Made out of polyurethane foam, thus the light weight. I highly recommend it for kids and toddlers usage because they are mostly careless at this stage and the soft foam material protects your precious smartphone. Oh, and also the great thing is you can have the lenses adjusted narrow or wide to any specific eye differences. The apps for this is limited of yet but we will see in the coming months.


Freefly VR Beyond. With a 120 degree field of view and hundreds of games available the Freefly is a great device to have for all mobile VR enthusiasts. One of the great features is you can control your drone with the headset using only this for FPV( first person view) flying. So when the sun is up and there is a lot of glare you can fly your drone hassle free, no reflections on a screen of an ipad or a tablet. You have to download the Litchi app to do this and it is compatible with leading drones on the market today. It’s really cool stuff. Virtual Reality games can be controlled with via bluetooth( iphone games excluded). Compatible with latest smarphones. Absolutely worth your money.


I will add more mobile VR headsets in the future. This is it for now.

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  1. Thank you for this comprehensive review.

    I am new to VR and have bought a 720-degree camera, while the res is not good I love playing with it.
    I am a Samsung nut and would probably go with the Samsung product as you seem to rate it quite highly.

    thank again

    1. You are welcome. Samsung products has always been top of the line. I will create a review soon about Samsung and other VR and AR capable mobile phones. Keep in touch.

  2. That’s a nice overview, but I’d really appreciate a sort of a summary for these. Also, some links to the products could be useful or at least images, otherwise I’m a bit in the dark, especially since I only just started getting interested in VR.

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