Tethered or Untethered Virtual Reality

Tethered in Virtual Reality means connected to a PC/Mac or a gaming console with a wire usually running from the headset down to the PC/Mac or a gaming console.

Tethered headsets deliver better quality of experience to the user because it is capable of delivering high quality graphics and higher end games and content as opposed to untethered Virtual Reality. The reason being is that it has access to a powerful PC or Mac or console which has a fast or high enough processing power to back it up.

Untethered Virtual Reality or Mobile Virtual Reality, however, is limited to selected smartphones capable of supporting a Virtual Reality application which is, as of the moment, limited.

Untethered VR is generally lower in quality to tethered VR in terms of resolution, audio, and variety due to its limited processing capability. So expect the quality of the graphics to be a bit lower compared to tethered VR.

In the future expect untethered VR to improve and match the qualities of thethered VR’s. As of the moment it can already satisfy the VR entertainment industry but more work is yet to be done.

Examples of Thethered Headsets

The most popular tethered headsets right now are the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR. Although they are a bit pricey they deliver the best and most immersive Virtual Reality experience so far.

There are other tethered Virtual Reality headsets available on the market but they are not at par with these three giants which is far ahead of the race:

The Oculus Rift oculus rift


The HTC Vive htc vive

The Playstation VR playstation vr

When it comes to overall performance the HTC Vive shines among all three as per customers feedback. That is why the Vive is the most expensive of them all. There are plans to put out an HTC Vive 2 but so far it has not come out yet. So let’s just wait and see next year.

Examples of Untethered Virtual Reality Headsets

Untethered Virtual Reality headsets or Mobile Virtual Reality Headsets is an inexpensive way to enjoy virtual reality because you only need a smartphone to experience the effect of a virtual world.

Although it is limited to some extent because of the processing power needed to run the best games and applications, nevertheless , it can still give you that VR fix depending on the game being played.

There are a lot of mobile Virtual Reality devices out there, some are of good quality others are poorly made. Here are some of the leading brands in mobile VR:


Samsung Gear VRsamsung gear vr


Google Daydream Viewgoogle daydream view

Google Cardboard google cardboard

These are only some of the mobile VR’s available on the market. There are hundreds already created since VR came out a few years ago but to make sure you get you moneys worth buy only the ones that has been proven and has been reviewed. Do a little bit of research.

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