PlayStation VR System Requirements

I would not call this PlayStation VR System Requirements because it does not need a PC or mac to run. But for the uniformity of the posts about articles on system requirements let’s call it just that.

psvr cameraThis is a no-brainer you are going to need, of course, a playstation. Playstation 4 that is. Also, the playstation camera is a must either the original one that comes with it or the one especially for VR which is the circular tube type.

Where to get it: Amazon

playstation move motion controllers

For controls you can use the one DualShock 4 pad that came with the console or you can use the move controllers from your PS3, yes, you can use them for PS VR.

Where to get it: Amazon

psvr aim controller

In some particular games you are going to need the PS VR Aim controller. Recently introduced specially for VR first-person-shooter games,  or any game where you have to shoot with a weapon.

Where to get it: Amazon


plantronics rig4vrTo get the most of the binaural 3D audio, which is the audio technology where you hear the sounds away or close ,behind, beside you, just like real-life live sound, highly recommended is the Plantronics RIG4VR which can deliver the most immersive sound in tandem with the PSVR.

Where to get it: Amazon

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