PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset Review : The Best VR Console so far



playstation 4Right off the bat, I will tell you that at a much lesser cost than the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive you can experience great Virtual Reality action with the PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headset. This is the selling point of the PSVR – the price.

In this PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset Review I will try to come up with the best feedback from actual users and sellers and we will try to squeeze the common best points and bad points.


The PSVR Headset

playstation vrAesthetically wise the headset is good-looking, better looking than the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Although the Oculus and the Vive are more professional looking because of the black color design, the PSVR made it a fun color which appeal to younger users. I guess they were thinking of the majority of PlayStation fans.

Amazingly, compared to the other top 2 PC VR Headsets which are lighter, the PSVR feels comfortable even after long periods of wearing it according to the majority of people who have experienced using it. Somehow the weight didn’t come into play. Maybe because PlayStation has more experience in designing headsets as they were pioneers in this field way more than Vive and Oculus. I think it was more of the padding or the design of the weight distribution to the head. Whatever it is the PSVR was able to get away with it.
There is a button on the bottom right side of the headset which adjust the distance of the screen to your eyes so that you can estimate your comfortable viewing distance and I guess this is also a was to accommodate those users who are using glasses.

The lights on the headset, which reminds me of Automan or Tron if you experienced a bit of the 80’s, is there for a purpose it’s for the camera to track the position of the headset.

Overall, great headset, the most comfortable in its category. Congrats to PlayStation…however…

Some issues with…


playstation 4The tracking is the most common complaint with the PSVR. When the VR headset came PlayStation did not come up with a new move controller specifically designed for the headset instead they resurrected the old move controllers used in the old PS3. I don’t know if their R and D department were just too lazy or were playing a wait and see reaction from the users.

Anyway, sometimes or oftentimes when using the move controllers the position of the hands or the object, which depends on the kind of game you are playing, is not in line or, shall I say, in the direct line where you are aiming at. Even if you use the dual shock 4 controller it still has those lingering tracking defect that manifests in the move controller.

What happens when your perceived reality is not in sync with your real actual position? You get motion sickness. Yes, it happens too with the PSVR headset, the tracking of the headset sometimes stays off course that it causes motion sickness. This one is the biggest turn off of this headset. Players don’t deserve to get nauseated unless it is part of the game.

playstation vrUnlike the Vive and the Oculus which has a more sophisticated tracking like laser and infrared tracking. This one uses, I believe, more like an RC technology or motion tracking from the camera of the headset, if I am not mistaken, so don’t expect it to be room scale experience yet. This type of tracking is just not enough for a full VR immersion, sorry. PlayStation should change that soon or a new console gaming company will take their place as top VR console platform.



playstation vrThe Sony PS4 VR headset has a resolution of 1080 x 960 pixels on a single screen. Whereas, both the Vive and the Oculus Rift has two separate screens and boasts 1080 x 1200 for each eye. However, it is not so noticeable on a lot of games and the screen door effect is nearly not visible at all. Users observed the resolution is not really that big of a deal as it all comes down to what type of game you are playing.

Dick WildeThe field of view is narrower than the PC based headsets but is negligible. Although it is a fact that the wider the FOV the more immersive and realistic it is, the PSVR has lesser room for viewing but still it delivers a good experience again depending on the game.

My thoughts about this VR headset

If you already have a PlayStation 4 just buy the headset, buy the Oculus and the Vive later when you have extra, extra cash. Virtual Reality is only in the beginning stages of development I am sure the company has some plans to upgrade their headset.

In the next few years a lot will change in Virtual Reality. That is time to really spend that money on the more advanced headsets.


Please note I have not personally used this product. This review is based on research and feedback from other people. If you don’t think I’ve been completely accurate or you have something to add please leave your comments in the comment section below. Thank you.


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