Mixed Reality


Mixed Reality is a combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. It is the merger of this technology that will create the “Matrix-like” feeling in the real world.

Think of it as leaving the real world and going into a world were reality and fantasy merges. The possibilities this technology can offer is endless.

Imagine looking at piece of fruit or bread and all the information will come out: nutritional value, product information, date of harvest, recipes, origin and all pertinent information will be on your line of sight.

Imagine travelling to a place for the first time and the screen will provide you the information about hotels, street, and locations and even language translation. This technology will revolutionize the way people live and interact.


Life will become easier and more convenient for everybody. The world will become smaller and smaller as communication will be much faster and easier.

Education will be greatly enhanced because of software that will enable students or learners to see in real time the holographic example of what they are studying. Medical procedures and technical processes can be performed with no risk. Anything that can be learned in the physical world can be practiced via this platform. This will save a lot of time and  training hours and will lessen the cost.

The gaming and entertainment industry will be greatly enhanced. Finally, you can play multi role playing games and you are the actual participant. You can play laser tag like games anywhere with more people participating, imagine the possibilities.

One day the world will be one big google maps with all the information in one headset. everywhere you look information will be provided. This will totally enhance the way we live and do things. I am sure it will become a reality.


  1. Microsoft Hololens. Microsofts creation touches on Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality that is why this gadget is really a big hit to users. The functionality is really outstanding with regards to current standards, of course we will see more improvements in the future. The only downside is the screen.  Users wish that the screen could have been bigger, otherwise, it is till the best pick.

2. META 2. A runner up to the hololens. Meta 2 has an advantage to the hololens – it has a wider screen and is not far from some of hololens’s functions. And, the most important thing, it is more affordable than hololens. This device is designed for both Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in mind.

3. Magic Leap. Although this company has not yet released its MR headsets and glasses, it is  is one of the leaders in Mixed Reality. Actually, they are headed to become the number one if all those technologies brewing in their R & D department are realized. They really have cool and out of this world ideas. Watch out for this! I will give you more information when they have released their headsets. This is going to be a giant in the industry.

4. ZAPBOX. Much like the google cardboard box for Virtual Reality the ZapBox is also made of cardboard and made especially for Mixed Reality . If you are on a tight budget but wants to experience Mixed Reality you can have it for $30. The company which made this possible is Zappar an Augmented Reality company.

5. The Bridge MR/VR. Made by the company Occipital this headset is specifically designed for the iphone. The technology offered by this company is it is untethered. You don’t have to be wired to a PC like most VR headgears. The best part is it is a hybrid so you can go VR and MR anytime. This one is very promising, lots of gears and lots of surprises in here for you. Currently for IOS compatible phones. Let us wait for the next move. Definintely worth waiting.


  1. Hello friend,

    This indeed looks like a good pick for everyone who is interested in the latest picks.I wonder just how this mixed reality will work when I get my own pick.

    I will check more on this product from Microsoft and see just how it works myself. i can see from your post that it will be a great products indeed.

    Thanks for sharing with me and all about this new tech. I will be visiting for more about tech here on your site.

    1. You’re welcome, Stephen. Mixed Reality is fairly new to the tech industry. There are companies out there that are still starting but will offer mind-blowing experiences to the users once they go public with their headsets. For now the Hololens and Meta 2 are Mixed Reality capable headsets and are really great products. You might want to check them out.

  2. Hi great post. I believe augmented reality is the thing for the future. To be able to see information at real time whenever you see a product is amazing. It saves you time having to pick up your phone and searching for information on Google. I hope at some point in the future there is a way to have mixed reality without headsets as they can become uncomfortable. But I think that is a long way off yet!

    1. I agree. AR and VR are the next computing platforms. In a couple of years headsets will be as small as an ordinary pair of eyeglasses then we will be ready to ditch our mobile phones and laptops. Everything will be in front of us.
      Life will become much more lighter and easier. But without the headset altogether it will take much longer but is possible.

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