Microsoft Hololens Review – The Important Points

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the Microsoft Hololens Augmented Reality Glasses since it came out. That is why I created this Microsoft Hololens Review to find out if it really lives up to its highly esteemed reputation.

I compiled and condensed the reviews from users, advertisers, and sellers and make an educated and comprehensive review of the Hololens smart glasses. I will only discuss the most important things here.

Is it already available to consumers or not? Well, it is still only available for developers as of this writing but you can purchase the Microsoft development edition if you have a Microsoft account. Anywho, let us hope Microsoft brings into existence the consumer edition soon. it’s been a long time coming.

They said the reason they did not release a consumer headset is that Microsoft focused on business and enterprise application first. I believe the price was too high for consumers and they have to make a transition market while waiting for developers to come up with a great application breakthrough.

The Physical Product

microsoft hololensUpon purchasing the hololens you will notice the fine craftsmanship that was devoted in the design. The hololens come in a black box and in it you will see a solid case that is durable and hard and in it contains the gadget itself. I think it is meant for carrying the device when traveling because it contains everything you need to run the hololens, except for the clicker which is in a small slim box which can fit in your pocket.

The hard case contains the following the Hololens itself, the instruction booklet, the charger which has a folding prong which is just nicely made again, the microfiber cloth for cleaning, the Micro USB cables, the rubber nose guard which can be installed but some say it is more comfortable without it, and lastly, the overhead strap for extra support. The small box not in the hard case is the clicker for selecting and scrolling if you don’t feel like clicking on air or if you want your arms to rest. This is big plus for the accouterments which were of good quality.

Hololens camerasThe quality of the plastic material is superior even just by the touch of it. You could tell it is not an ordinary piece of equipment, no blemish of a cheapo product, every inch says expensive, which it is. Effort has been made in creating this headset, a big plus for the Hololens.

You will love the adjustable dial of the headset for tightening and loosening to fit any head size. Like Virtual Reality headsets, the bulk of the Hololens smart glasses is in the front so expect it to be front-heavy. Maybe they will solve this in future models.

The advantage of AR over VR glasses is that they are stand alone, untethered, so you don’t feel encumbered by the wires running from the headset to a PC. Most who tried wearing the Hololens, however, has found it comfortable others not. By the way, you can wear your eyeglasses underneath the Hololens.

Although the field of view has always been mentioned to be an issue in many blogs and reviews it really is a minor one. This Microsoft smart glasses compensates in other areas where it really matters. Overall, the hololens, to me, is a great device. But that’s just me. People have different tastes and idiosyncrasies. One has to try first and decide for themselves. I am just echoing the comments of others that it is indeed awesome.

The Software

When it comes to software the leader has always been Microsoft, after all, that is the core business of the company. So, naturally, the Microsoft Augmented Reality Glasses is equipped with Windows 10 OS. Since this is the future of computing you can now get a chance to experience how it is like to browse without a PC or laptop, a headset is all you need and you are ready to go. Absolutely everything is provided in the Windows 10 software so you don’t need a PC or a laptop

hololens skypeCortana, a feature included in the Windows 10 is the most useful feature in the software. It is like having a personal secretary, it makes your life easier. You just have to give out commands and it will do it for you. Much like Siri in IOS. So if you are feeling lazy you can have Cortana do the search for you. This is the future of AI here in its earliest form. Time will come everything will be done by computers, with just a simple command. Isn’t that great? But then everybody would be lazy. Hmm? Points to ponder.

The apps included in the developer headset are designed to provide the would be developer the potential of the headset and to give an example of the vastness of possible applications that one can come up with. That is why the first few apps touches on gaming, education, travel, entertainment, business and many more.

microsoft hololens constructionMicrosoft Introduced the Hololens Commercial Suite specifically for business use. It has added features designed specifically for business models. This category has been dominated by Vuzix smart glasses. Microsoft gave those smart glasses companies whose market are enterprises gave a run for their money with these unexpected move, let’s see how this turns out in the long run.

Microsoft HoloLensThe price of $3,000 is not for the masses we have yet to see this, at least, less than half the price before this goes mainstream. This may be the reason Microsoft focused on releasing The Commercial Suite because only businesses can afford the headset.

Is it worth buying now?

The Hololens is no doubt a wonderful piece of equipment with all the things it can do. However, unless you are a developer or an executive, a business owner one would rather wait for the consumer edition. if you have extra money then experience it maybe you will come up with an idea worth developing.

You can buy the Hololens on the Microsoft website which is $3,000 for the development edition and $5,000 for the commercial suite. You have to sign in first. Or go to Amazon for the development edition.

That is all folks. These are all my opinions and review gathered from everywhere based on actual reviews and research on the subject. Thanks for reading.

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