HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset – A Review: Why it leads the VR pack


Item: HTC Vive

Price: Amazon $799.99 / eBay $1,389.23 (Complete Set)

Best place to buy: Amazon / eBay

Guarantee: 1 Year

Rating: 4 and a half star


htc viveI have been doing research on why the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset is the top VR headset available right now and after asking a lot of people who experienced using it, the owners and testers of the device after reading technical reviews I would agree that it really is the alpha VR.

Looking at the specification of the product and what it offers it really is a great piece of technology considering that it is backed up by software gaming giant STEAM, a software arm of Valve Corporation, the company behind the phenomenal Counter Strike, DOTA 2, Left 4 Dead and many more. I am sure if steam picks up a partner it has to be good or the best in the industry. So there you go, one assurance the VIVE is really quality.

An HTC Vive Virtual Reality System includes the headset, the controllers, the two base stations and the accouterments. To run this you need to have a powerful PC which is capable of running the Vive (Check out my post on the system requirements). Be sure to have this figured out first before planning on purchasing one.

The Pros

fallout 4 vrThey have other applications included which are useful for education like studying anatomy, supports video playing and other interactive games. What you get is complete immersive entertainment in one.

Also, the great thing about this is that they have a great support website that you can go to in case you have questions regarding the set up or troubleshooting technical issues. Unlike some manufacturers that will leave you high and dry after purchase that you have to rely on YouTube for some tutorials. provides great service to owners of the headset.

A new added feature of the Vive is the Vive Phone Services. This feature lets you connect your iPhone or your Android to it so while you are busy in the VR world you are updated via text messages and alerts to keep you in touch with the real world. Just like the camera at the front, the purpose of which is you can get a glimpse of the outside world from time to time. htc vive camera

Right now the Vive is the most immersive Virtual Reality Headset on the market that is why the games are really a treat to the wearer. In a couple of years it will be so close to the real thing that it is hard to distinguish virtual and real life and with that it will change lives.

The Cons

The HTC Vive Virtual reality system is not perfect it has its bad side too, like all tethered VR headsets, the wires gets in the way when playing, specially when playing games that requires a lot of moving. The weight of the device is manageable but can get heavy, of course, if worn over time, it actually is just 468 grams. That weight is for the new ones that came out. The first editions were a little bit heavier.

war thunder cockpitWhenever you search for HTC Vive Virtual Reality price on any website you will notice that it is the most expensive among the leading brands of VR headsets which is really high if you ask me. Among Amazon Virtual Reality headsets it pegs at $799. Two hundred dollars more than the next best which is the Oculus Rift. So far, this is the most unappealing thought for me in buying this device. I hope it gets cheaper soon because that price range is not for everybody.

Is It Worth It?

It really is up to you. If you can afford it then by all means go ahead and buy one. Entertainment wise it is worth every penny considering that it is the best Virtual Reality headset to date with the majority of reviewers, owners, and those who experienced using it, agreeing that it really is the top VR gadget.


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