Augmented Reality Games for iphone

AR games for mobile phones where the first ones to be developed by game makers because they are ubiquitous therefore they are able to reach a larger audience and become more profitable. However, some were only made for IOS phones and gadgets.

Augmented Reality Games for iphone was of course one of the first choice as there are many iphone users in the world. Here are some of the more popular and my best AR games picks for the iphone:

genesisGENESIS- If you have ever played Magic the Gathering card games and other trading card games where the characters in each card has special powers and unique characters this one is it. The difference is that the characters come out of the card and fight each other while viewing it with your iphone( also available on android). Just point your phones camera and the characters will come alive. Each character is unique with each own special powersand abilities it’s up to you how you play your cards (character) to offset the others abilities. Great strategy game for those who knows how to combine brains and brawns.

Ghostbusters: Paranormal BlastGhostbusters:Paranormal Blast- Finally, you can live out the Ghostbusters dream of catching and hunting ghosts in wherever place you want.

Just download the app in itunes and play right away. Great for family and friends gatherings because of the teamwork it takes to accomplish the tasks, just like the movie, you can go on missions and earn some points to get a reward so you can upgrade your weapons.

clandestine anomalyClandestine: Anomaly- One of the best made games for AR Clandestine: Anomaly is a real treat to gamers because it is able to combine role playing game, defense games and combined it with your actual physical location, with the help of GPS, in Augmented Reality. The result is a familiar location set up overlayed with AR objects, aliens and spaceships. It is a strategy game just like the classics only in 3D. You have to manage your resources and be cunning in planning attacks and defense to survive.

night terrorNight Terror- For the adventurous and not for the faint hearted, Night Terror offers a night of pure terror or endless nights if you are so into horror adventures.

Your own house or rooom or any part of it will be converted to a horror scene. Realistic and full of surprises. Great for sleepovers, family gatherings and reunions. Bonding with friends and family will surely be fun.

peronio pop up bookPeronio Pop-Up Book: VR&AR game- This is a combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality also known as Mixed Reality. An ingenuously made game, which will bring out the child in everyone, Peronio will take you to adventures that will relive the impossibilities and the exaggerations of childhood wishful thinking. Voted as the best AR game in 2015 it still never fails to entertain.

So far, these are the only Augmented Reality games for iphone that are best sellers. Most of these are free on Google play others are very affordable so go ahead and download and enjoy. I will add more next time.


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