Augmented Reality Games for Android

Augmented Reality Games are here to stay and more are being developed and are getting more advanced every year. Augmented reality games for android phones is the best way to enjoy AR games since they are easy to program and more affordable than iphones but you get the same entertainment value.

I have selected the most popular ones on the internet as well as my own pick of Augmented Reality Games for Android phones. Check it out.

Father Remember when you were young playing cowboys and Indians or just plain shoot and hide? Lots of fun right? will let you relive those childhood feelings once again with your friends. This game is a first person shooter that can be played by groups and teams using your android phones. It is kind of a laser tag but done outdoors, so the possibilities are endless because you have your real world setting: your city or  backyard, a building can be your playground.  Oh, by the way, you need the inceptor outdoor laser tag to play this one and an AR gun should make it more comfortable, an additional cost but it will be so worth it.

peronio pop up book

Peronio Pop-up book- A Mixed Reality, you can play it with augmented reality platform or virtual reality. Available for android and ios phones, this game follows the adventures of a young boy who has extraordinary ambitions presented page by page in a pop-up book. This is a great game for everyone in the family especially for kids. Voted as the best Augmented Reality Game by Qualcomm Vuforia in 2015 so there’s a reason it is a hit.



Spectrek-  Hunting and finding something has always been a big hit as a pastime, that is why hide and seek and finding eggs during Easter is fun. How bout searching and hunting for ghosts? Spectrek will give you that thrill and adventure on any ordinary day. This game is great for everybody who wants to while away the time. Utilizing your own surroundings as the scene for ghost hunts. This game will bring excitement to the entire family.

Life is crime


Life is Crime – How did Don Vito Corleone started out? Well, he killed the biggest mob boss in his area and he took his place. Experience the life of a gangster by dealing in illegal activities and eliminating the competition. Imagine what it is like to fight for territories in your own city in your own real-life location because your own environment will be used as the scene for the turf wars that will take place. Eliminate competition by killing them and get all their territories and have the establishments within them start paying you. Play the role which can otherwise lead you in jail in real life but you can at least play it in real life locations.



Kazooloo- Is a first-person-shooter type of game which involves shooting enemies that comes out of a portal. The portal, by the way, is aboard game which is sold separately (costs around $10) and can be set up in any place you want: indoors or outdoors. The great thing about this is while playing you also get to exercise as it is requires that you dodge the laser or gunfire from your enemies. A classic shooting game but in 3D so you can move in different angles and strategize your attacks and counter attacks. It garnered top tech toy in  2016 and best AR game in many countries proof that this is quality gaming here. Available in ios and android.

table zombieTable Zombie-
Everyone loves a zombie movie let alone a zombie game where you can shoot zombies and save the world. Enjoy shooting zombies from above, on a helicopter, with Table Zombie. The mission is to thwart the advance of the zombies towards the survivors area while also getting help from survivors on the ground. Available in android and ios on google play. All you need is a table, any table, and  the pdf print out that you can download on the web and you’re off on a killing spree. Guaranteed fun.



Landlord- If you want to feel how it is like to buy properties, buildings, lands, etc. This game will make you feel like a big time real-estate tycoon. Landlord is a location based augmented reality game that lets you buy and sell properties in your area or anywhere in the world. You can buy the most famous properties of any city, like the Eiffel tower, the Burj Khalifa, you name it, anything goes, sell it and make a profit and watch your income soar. This is Monopoly at the highest level.

That is it for now. I will try to add more soon. By the way most of these are free on Google Play. You can download it anytime. Some you have pay with minimal amount but these are, so far, the best sellers. Enjoy!


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