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An Introduction

Hi! My name is Darwell. I love video games, specially first-person-shooter based games. I am more of a PC gamer than a console platform gamer as it is the most popular in because of its affordability and versatility.

My first experience in virtual reality was an arcade game in a mall way back in high school. It was a semi virtual reality because it was the early days of this technology but it created a huge impact on me because the experience was really exhilarating and immersive even during those early days and now I keep trying to relive those wonderful moments.

That is why I keep tabs on the latest technology and give out information via this website because I know this will create a big impact in the coming years. Virtual reality and augmented reality and, of course, mixed reality will be the next big thing in the near future.


Why Promote VR, AR, and Mixed Reality?


In the future learning will become much more satisfying and exciting because of these technologies. Some children and adults learn faster visually and by actually doing it, this is where the technology comes in handy. The possibilities and applications are actually endless

Learning disabilities will be minimized through software and applications designed for children with these disabilities. Students of medical school can operate on a body without the actual cadaver, they can practice over and over at home or anywhere before doing the actual procedure.

Architects and engineers can walk through a whole building, see how it looks like before even making it, thus bringing down cost and raising productivity.

Long distance communication will be greatly enhanced. The application of these technologies are endless. Aside from entertainment, the military, medicine, engineering, education, communication and much more will benefit and will be enhanced by this technology.

Let Us Make Life Easier and Fun!


I am excited and thrilled where this is headed because it will help a lot of people, not just the gaming industry, but everything in general. I built this website to provide information about virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality so that people will realize how it can impact their lives in many ways. I will try to come up with the latest news and trends in this industry to provide relevant news and reviews about the latest equipments, gears to the latest applications and games.

Anyways, enjoy and thanks for visiting my website!

Yours Truly,





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